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February 26, 2020

Wild About WOOP!

WOOP is an easy to learn goal-setting tool based on 20 years of scientific research in helping people change their habits to achieve their goals. What sets WOOP apart from other goal-setting tools is that the process features mental contrasting by looking at what is getting in your way, or your obstacle.

WOOP is taught to every participant of Mind in the Making in the Introduction Module. This allows the participants to ask questions as the series progresses and to report their progress as well. 

WOOP consists of these four simple steps:

  1. Wish: What do you wish to change or achieve? 
  2. Outcome: How will you feel when you accomplish this?
  3. Obstacle: What is getting in your way?
  4. Plan: What will you do when you encounter the obstacle?

The Obstacle becomes your ‘if’ statement, and the Plan becomes your ‘then’ statement. This process includes cognition, emotion, and behavior change.  

I’ve had Mind in the Making participants WOOP for weight loss, patience with the children in their classroom, and self-control. One participant even brought her first house using the WOOP!

Today a participant shared a story of WOOP that is my new favorite!

This is a mom of five children who has been trying to get braces since last June. She shared that the budget just hasn’t allowed for it despite the need. She learned the WOOP five weeks ago in our intro module. She went home and shared it with her husband, and they decided to figure out what the obstacle was. They determined eating out was possibly their obstacle. By meal planning, prep, and eating all meals in, she was able to get her braces on in 5 short weeks! She is so impressed with the process that they are now saving for other things. It was so easy to push their needs aside and think it just wasn’t possible until they looked at the obstacle and came up with a plan! She is excited to try WOOP out in other areas of her life and to share her success with it as well!

WOOP also has a free app that you can download on your phone to hold yourself accountable.  

Learn more about WOOP here.

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