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December 9, 2016

“There’s No Place Like School”

Editor’s Note: Caroline Russell is the fifth-grade Attendance Awareness Poster Contest winner from Ashton Elementary School.

My name is Caroline Russell and I’m in fifth grade at Ashton Elementary.  I’ve always loved school; it’s a special place to me for several reasons:  my teachers are amazing; I love to see my friends; I love learning; and I love our performing arts program.  When I started thinking about the Attendance Awareness Poster Contest, I was excited about incorporating all these things in my poster.

Every year my school produces a musical, and this year it will be The Wizard of Oz. I love performing so I’ve been thinking a lot about the story. As I thought about my poster, I decided I wanted to connect The Wizard of Oz  to school. Once I decide to make my theme around “There’s no place like school” and the red converse sneakers, the rest of the poster concept was easy.  It was fun to use art to create something that represents all these things together.

It feels really good to win the poster contest and I’m super excited.  So many kids made posters and I hope it made them realize how important it is to attend school.  There is so much to learn and EVERY DAY COUNTS!

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