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March 23, 2021

The Power of Presence

Power is often perceived as a taking,
But there is power in the giving
And in the forgiving of ourselves and others
It’s nurturing. It’s empowering. It’s healing.

Presence is not just about physical location,
It’s about being
The depth of heart, mind, and spirit
A journey of learning undertaken.

To be supportive to others
To have the courage to face failures
To be vulnerable and real
That is where true connections begin.

To have faith and not fear
To honor our challenges and strengths
To know our limits, but be proactive
That is when we truly begin to live.

The overcoming of obstacles
Highlight our resiliency
Give light to and enrich our future
That is why we stand triumphantly.

In our authenticity, our children grow
They find their power, their presence, their voice
And in the mirror, they find reflected
The lioness who roars, “Well done.”

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