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October 19, 2017

Team Horizon: Fostering Skills and Strategies

Editor’s Note: Dr. Lora Kosten is a Level II Instructor at USF Sarasota-Manatee and has a strong interest in research to improve academic achievement of children in literacy through the integration of the arts.

On June 27, 2017, Team Horizon co-facilitated by Jennifer Kahler and Lora Kosten wrapped up its Mind in the Making (MITM) training at The Landings in Sarasota.  These impressive participants shared how they would help promote the Seven Essential Life Skills every child needs:

  • Use WOOPs to help others set and work toward their own goals and be accountable for what they learn.
  • To make this year more personal: find out about students and give each special time every day.
  • Provide more experiences through field trips – group projects and activities with collaborative learning.
  • Develop interesting and more engaging lessons that will resonate with my students.
  • Help children to learn how to focus by using games … go noodle/go zen
  • Challenge students to struggle productively … celebrate mistakes because we can learn something from them.
  • …do Parent Involvement workshops on Mind in the Making…
  • Engage in more frequent phone calls to parents rather than just email.
  • Use the WOOP method to overcome obstacles (kids and staff).
  • Connect with parents by building relationships with them.
  • Use Actor’s Tool Box for Focus and Self-Control.
  • Have multi-age learning and literacy groups.
  • I will use critical thinking questions and activities to further problem-solving.
  • Asking “wh” questions to increase critical thinking.

These teachers, guidance counselors, and parents will foster the skills and strategies from MITM to help children focus, set goals, learn more, and be able to make connections with what they have learned.  These lifelong skills are a gift to all whose path they cross.

Thank you to The Patterson Foundation for providing Mind in the Making training; it is truly a special gift.

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