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January 12, 2021

Team Bright Shines

Editor’s Note: Click this link to view upcoming Stronger Me, Stronger We Mind in the Making offerings.

Stronger Me, Stronger We’s Mind in The Making is a five-hour, five-week journey that explores executive functions, WOOP, focus & self-control, perspective-taking, and communicating.

Thursday mornings became a time of comfort, laughter, and mutual motivation as a group of women bonded through Mind in the Making, a workshop where we started as strangers and now are friends.

During our first meeting, we introduced ourselves by drawing symbols that represented who we are. Was it a coincidence that we had a lot in common? As the weeks progressed, we listened to and supported each other. The conversations were so natural and honest. The days spent apart gave us time to put in motion the principal lessons that we reviewed during our virtual weekly meeting.

Team Bright was fun and insightful, and each week, our hour was filled with the desire to learn. We supported each other in the group WOOP—Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan—and we celebrated our wellness achievements of walking, yoga, bike riding, exercising, stretching, and drinking water.

“Joan,” who arrived the first hour very shy and reserved, blossomed like a flower during the five weeks. She told us how nervous and hesitant she was about joining. Not knowing what to expect, she began to talk and share. She felt the bond and began to trust us, which made her feel comfortable. This was a place she felt safe and heard.

“Rose” was excited that the principles we introduced can be used with any age. As an educator, she realized that WOOP is something she can happily share. “I will use this throughout my life. This is an ongoing project. WOOP can be something small or a huge wish.”

Each week during our conversations, we incorporated drinking water and toasted each other for our ideas and achievements with ourselves and the children in our lives.

During our final conversation, we welcomed guest artist Laurie Miller. She led a seated yoga practice, guiding us through breathing and stretches. We inhaled peace and positivity and exhaled worry and negativity. We reaffirmed that we are confident and courageous.

Mind in the Making helped us strengthen several skills that will help support all of our relationships. We felt connected and commented that our five-week journey is a journey that has just begun. We ended our conversation with a toast: to our family, friends, and community.

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