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November 23, 2015

Taking Vroom to the Hispanic Fall Festival

The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading participated in the Hispanic Fall Festival on Sunday, Nov. 7 at St. Jude Catholic Church.

Suncoast team members and youth volunteers from St. Jude assisted attendees in downloading the Vroom app onto their mobile phones. Vroom was designed to share the science of early brain development so that all children have the chance to become thriving adults. The app is one of the tools Vroom provides that supports early literacy by turning shared moments among parents and their children from birth to 5 years old into brain-building activities. Science says a child’s first five years set the stage for all future learning. This emphasis on early learning is one of the focus points of the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, an effort to help all children in our region succeed in school and life.

The event drew a huge crowd. It was estimated over 10,000 people were there enjoying ethnic foods from over 13 Spanish-speaking countries and Brazil, dancing to live music, and watching a variety of entertainment, including folkloric dances.

We were delighted with the large number of people interested in downloading Vroom. Parents, grandparents, and siblings were excited by the opportunity to interact with the young children in their families in a way that would help to build their brains. Of course, food was also a huge part of the celebration, with tacos, paella, empanadas, and so much more to taste or to take home.

It was a productive and delicious day at the Hispanic Festival at St. Jude Catholic Church.

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