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March 3, 2022

Suncoast Remake Learning Days — Save The Date!

Laurie Miller, Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading


I don’t know if it’s this gorgeous weather or finally arranging tickets for a wedding that was supposed to happen three years ago, or the fact that my daughter’s birthday is upcoming, and she’s incessantly chattering about party details, but it feels like we’re on the precipice of a big celebration, and it’s making me look forward to the party of the year – Suncoast Remake Learning Days. Okay, Suncoast Remake Learning Days is not really a party, per se, but it sure feels like one. There’s going to be families and food and games and basically all the fun stuff you find at parties. Even better, this party is educational. What?! Yes! Learning is the life of this party, and we’re embracing it at every turn. And don’t worry, you’re all invited!

Suncoast Remake Learning Days is a 10-day festival of free events for children and families…think of it as the world’s largest multi-site open house from April 29 to May 8, 2022. Each event has a learning theme — the arts, maker spaces, outdoor learning, science, technology, and youth voice. Rumor is that this festival will be more fun than Coachella and Burning Man combined and much better organized than the Fyre Festival. Also, I started that rumor.

I know you’re probably wondering, “What’s going to happen at this party? How should I dress?” Honestly, there are too many phenomenal events planned to list here. I mean, this is just a breezy party invite, and there are almost 100 events registered as I type this. A pamphlet with everything is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, let me just give you a little party preview to get excited about. Oh, and dress casually (unless you really love formal wear, then wear formal. Why not?!).

Caturday at Cat Depot. Caturday! I mean, I think that’s all that needs to be said, but here’s more specifics — Younger kids will “adopt” a stuffed animal cat and learn about the adoption process while older kids and families will learn about animal shelters, proper cat care, fun cat facts, and make no-sew pet beds and upcycled cat scratchers for the cats of Cat Depot and their foster families. Fun, fun, meow! 

The Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida and Sarasota Jungle Gardens are partnering to bring the wonder and science of animals and nature to life. This event includes a hands-on art project to take home and a scavenger hunt for families. The Girl Scouts are providing snacks and goodie bags for families to take home with their art. That’s right. There’s going to be awesome party favors!

Play at The Bay: Let’s Grow a Park for All! Join Bay Park site partners, Sarasota Garden Club, Art Center Sarasota, and the Van Wezel for tree-hugging fun. There’s going to be tree-themed movement, art-making, seed planting, pizza, and a movie screening with popcorn! Yes, no party is complete without pizza!

Improv for Imagination is bringing the show to you! This event is great for any ham in your fam and includes an interactive performance of Florida Studio Theatre‘s children’s show, “The Grandma That Eats Everything.” Improv games will be woven into the performance, so everyone in the audience gets the opportunity to engage their imaginations, have their voices heard, and show off their improvisational skills!

Friends, these are just a few of the amazing events that are happening at the mega party #SuncoastRemakeDays. I’m just skimming the surface here. Thanks to the efforts of the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and the generosity of The Patterson Foundation, this is going to be the party of spring. You don’t want to miss it. Seriously, no one likes having FOMO. So save the date(s)!



*Looking for helpful resources, like the social media toolkit, to continue building your marketing muscles and up your party game?! Click here.


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