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September 5, 2017

“Share with the Group Something About Your Work with Mind in the Making You Are Proud Of.”

The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading recently hosted a meeting for this region’s Mind in the Making facilitators. Our ice-breaker question of the day was, “Share with the group, something about your work with Mind in the Making you are proud of.”  It was exciting to hear firsthand the impact the program is having.

Michelle Delp and Mindy Long facilitated a group which consisted mostly of teachers.  Their workshops took place at the end of the school day on Wednesday afternoons. Michelle shared the enthusiasm the workshops created for her teachers.  After the first session, when she would see participating teachers in the hallways, they would express how happy they were that it was a Mind in the Making Day!  What an incredible testament to the atmosphere created by Michelle and Mindy, and the power of the Mind in the Making workshops.

Faith Lipton and Chris O’Hara conducted Mind in the Making Workshops for High School students who have expressed interest in working in Early Education. The teacher they have partnered with has asked them to come back for two more cohorts this year, revealing that the Mind in the Making workshops has proven to be more powerful and valuable to her students than the regular curriculum.

Megan Smith is finding connections between Mind in the Making and many of the programs she encounters as an instructional support coach for the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County.  Megan recently began Conscious Discipline training through Manatee County Schools, and she has been inspired by how well Mind in the Making principals fit in with the Conscious Discipline program.

Hanako Owens spoke about the group she and Cindy McDowell co-facilitated at Little Disciples Preschool.  Their group had some teachers and parents from Little Disciples, but also had several participants who didn’t have a direct connection to their school. She commented on the strength of the relationships that were formed throughout the workshops, saying that many of the class participants created genuine friendships. That sentiment was echoed by Shelly Dorfman who is hosting reunion gatherings for some of her cohort groups who want to remain in touch with each other.

The growth seen by Cindy Spence has been moving. “It has been most gratifying to see trust build each week, resulting in authentic sharing among participants.” April Glasco agreed with Cindy and added: “These workshops are life-changing not only for the participants but also for the facilitators.” April reports that she is using the Mind in the Making principals at home as well as at work.

We all continue to be energized and motivated as we hear about the profound effects these workshops are having on participants and facilitators alike.

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