The Power of Presence Book Circles

As an investment in our community, The Patterson Foundation is bringing Joy Thomas Moore to the region to discuss her book, The Power of Presence. In conjunction with the author’s visit, The Patterson Foundation will be supporting registered Book Circles throughout the Suncoast region.

Joy Thomas Moore, the author of The Power of Presence, wants readers to engage with their children.

Joy says she isn’t a parenting guru, it was more trial-and-error than anything.

When talking about her book she explains, “I didn’t want to present myself as an expert because I wasn’t, I was an experimenter along the way.”

Despite her humility, the insights contained in Moore’s 2018 memoir, The Power of Presence, have inspired more than 1000 locals to join book circles and study how to “be a voice in your child’s ear even when you’re not with them.

Moore’s book, which she described as “part memoir, part self-help, part inspirational … a love letter to single moms” is an encouragement to all mothers to be “lionesses” and have each other’s backs.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Here’s more cool news. Thanks to the generosity of The Patterson Foundation, each participant will receive a FREE copy of the book!

If you are interested in being part of this movement, time is running out, but it’s not too late. Click here to learn more.