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Second-Grade Webisode Library

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! THIS BOOK IS COOL! is designed to encourage children in second-grade to develop a love for reading. Each 10–15 minute webisode features a selected book, a special guest, new vocabulary words, and a suggested activity that goes with the book. Remember, reading is the key to succeeding!

Second-Grade Webisode Library

A Butterfly is Patient

Featuring Hannah Saeger Karnei

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

Featuring John Ferguson

What’s Out There?: A Book About Space

Featuring Declan Sheehy

All The Colors of the Earth

Featuring Ranata Reeder

The Dot

Featuring Jane Harris

Mañana Iguana

Featuring Karen Bell

What if You Had Animal Teeth?

Featuring Brad Tanner

Miss Rumphius

Featuring Jessica DiLorenzo McHugh

Emma’s Poem: The Voice of the Statue of Liberty

Featuring Cedric Hameed

Max Found Two Sticks

Featuring Nicole Rice

Sky Tree

Featuring Derrick L. Randall

The Very Impatient Caterpillar

Featuring Tessa Healy

Martin’s Big Words

Featuring Joel PE King

Wilma Unlimited

Featuring Shelley Keeling

Imani’s Moon

Featuring Ben Tollefson

Keena Ford and the Field Trip Mix Up

Featuring Shalia Moore-Hayes

The Quicksand Book

Featuring Geri L. Waksler

Jabari Jumps

Featuring Tyus Hameed

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

Featuring Carmel Kisiday

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Featuring Cindy McDowell