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PreK Webisode Library

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! THIS BOOK IS COOL! is designed to encourage children in PreK to develop a love for reading. Each 10–15 minute webisode features a selected book, a special guest, new vocabulary words, and a suggested activity that goes with the book. Remember, reading is the key to succeeding!

Welcome to the PreK Webisode Library!

Rap A Tap Tap

Featuring Kelli Karen Smith

The Carrot Seed

Featuring Tracy Calla


Featuring Laurie Miller

The Cow That Went Oink!

Featuring Ashley Coone

A Chair for My Mother

Featuring Leah Verier-Dunn

Sheep in a Jeep

Featuring Angie Matthiessen

My Five Senses

Featuring Jenifer Johnson

little blue and little yellow

Featuring Melissa Nelson

Stick and Stone

Featuring Justin Gomlak

A Splendid Friend, Indeed

Featuring Connie Cuadrado

It’s Okay to be Different

Featuring Deb Lombard

Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears

Featuring Bruce Rogers

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus

Featuring Kathryn Shea

The Snowy Day

Featuring Marshall Jones III

Winners Never Quit

Featuring Steven Swanson, Retired NASA Astronaut

Pete the Cat and the Cool Caterpillar

Featuring Heather Cherry

I Spy Animals

Featuring Simone Peterson

I am The Music Man

Featuring Janet Lane

Make Way for Ducklings

Featuring Katie Nickel

Maybe a Bear Ate It

Featuring Kristie Skoglund