Kindergarten Readiness Bags

For the 4th year, due to popular demand from teachers, principals, and willing funding partners, including The Patterson Foundation, Rotary Club of Sarasota Foundation, Charlotte Community Foundation, the School District of DeSoto County, and Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Kindergarten Readiness Bags are back! Who gets them? All incoming kindergarteners attending public schools in Sarasota, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties and all incoming kindergarteners attending Title 1 schools in Manatee County.

Where can I pick up my child’s FREE Kindergarten Readiness Bag?

Families enrolling their child for Kindergarten in Charlotte County Public Schools, The School District of DeSoto County, Sarasota County Schools, and Title I Schools in Manatee County can pick up their Kindergarten Readiness Bag at the time of registration.
For more information, ideas, and fun activities to help you prepare your child for kindergarten, take a look at the Kindergarten Readiness Guide in English or Spanish. If your child is a bit younger, Soar in 4 created Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Bags.
What’s included in these magical bags?
  • Two packages of flashcards
  • Literacy charts
  • Magnetic lowercase alphabet letters
  • Magnetic uppercase alphabet letters
  • Drawing paper
  • Jumbo crayons
  • Kindergarten Readiness Checklists
  • Josh the Baby Otter book
  • Magic Postcards
SCGLR created Kindergarten Readiness Bags to provide learning support for incoming kindergarteners in the months before school begins so that children can start school ready to learn.
Earlier this year, SCGLR Engagement Team member Shalia Moore-Hayes shared in her blog post, Aspirations for a Seamless Transition, “Only a few weeks or months separate the preschooler from the kindergartner. In that short span, a child’s developmental needs do not change significantly, but the kindergarten classrooms where they receive care and education may differ dramatically from the settings to which they have grown accustomed. A growing body of research also suggests that today’s kindergartens are becoming more focused on academic goals. This trend can make the transition from VPK to kindergarten even more complex.”
Parents, caregivers, doctors, family members, preschool teachers, early-learning programs, and the broader community all play a role in closing the gap on school readiness and ensuring that all students arrive at school healthy and developmentally ready to actively participate and learn! Click here to access and share Leap Frog’s Kindergarten Skills Checklist. Let’s get our kiddos ready!

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