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First-Grade Webisode Library

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! THIS BOOK IS COOL! is designed to encourage children in first-grade to develop a love for reading. Each 10–15 minute webisode features a selected book, a special guest, new vocabulary words, and a suggested activity that goes with the book. Remember, reading is the key to succeeding!

First-Grade Webisode Library

Fish is Fish

Featuring Ben Tollefson

Caps for Sale

Featuring Lynn Dorler


Featuring Principal Dancer with The Sarasota Ballet, Danielle Brown

Jane Goodall

Featuring Ellie Levine

I Am Not a Chair

Featuring Leigh Michalojko

The Name Jar

Featuring Ben Jewell-Plocher

Roller Coaster

Featuring Nate Brown

Leo the Late Bloomer

Featuring Dr. Patti Folino

A World of Homes

Featuring Hana Brown

Dear Mr. Blueberry

Featuring Holly Brody

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse

Featuring Dr. Sheila Halpin

Nate the Great

Featuring Jennifer Kahler

Captain Awesome to the Rescue

Featuring Karen Windon

A Bike Like Sergio’s

Featuring Karen Arango

Salt in His Shoes

Featuring Spoken word poet, Cedric Hameed

City Green

Featuring Joy Mahler

Tomás and the Library Lady

Featuring Pedro Leos

Pete the Cat’s Train Trip

Featuring Abby Rolland

Dinosaurs Big and Small

Featuring Tish Sachs

Scientists Ask Questions

Featuring Neirda Thompson-Pemberton, Executive Director of FUNducation