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November 8, 2023

Pop Up Partied

Laurie Miller, Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Dear Friends,

I’m going to tell you something that would shock the people who know me best… I am officially partied out. I don’t know about you, but my family attended a lot of parties this past week. Not only did we celebrate a certain fall festival on three different days (you know, the one where people dress up in costumes and eat too much sugar), but, in between, we also celebrated my favorite festival that happens in the spring, Suncoast Remake Learning Days

Suncoast Remake Learning Days’ recent Pop-Up Party may have featured less pumpkins, sugar, and the song Thriller, but there were some costumes, plenty of music, and loads of fun and games. It was definitely a party from start to finish. There was an action-packed lineup, including an assortment of entertaining and interactive mainstage performances and classes. We’re talking singing, dancing, improvising, and theatre games by both professional organizations and children. If you were there, you likely saw me dancing along in the audience. I was blown away by the talent! And that’s not all that was highlighted at this party. We had opportunities to learn and collaborate with break-out sessions where attendees could find out how to get involved in the upcoming Suncoast Remake Learning Days festival in April and, for previous hosts and partners, sessions to find partnerships and level up their event descriptions. And the party didn’t stop there. Over 30 different local organizations shared their expertise at engaging, fun, and hands-on learning tables. Families made murals and banners, created cool arts and crafts, learned about drones and coding, used telescopes, created poetry from Jenga, played games, and more. Plus, there was party food, with three different food trucks giving away ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, and teriyaki rice bowls. This party wasn’t just a blast for families. Organizations wanting to meet each other finally met and connected. You know it’s a good party when new friends are made! Yes, there was something for everyone (of any age) at this Suncoast Remake Learning Days Pop-Up Party.

Thank you to all of the talented performers, teachers, and partner organizations that made the Suncoast Remake Learning Days Pop-Up Party so special. Thank you to The Patterson Foundation for the generous support. And thank you to all the families that attended on a weekend full of parties galore. We hope you learned new things, sparked your imagination, made new connections, and ate delicious food.

Now, maybe you couldn’t attend, and you’re feeling a little jealous. I mean, all that free entertainment, brain-boosting activities, and delectable food truck treats doesn’t just happen every weekend. Is it possible to have that much fun with the whole family again? The answer is…yes. After a successful two years, Suncoast Remake Learning Days is growing into a 15-day festival of free, hands-on learning events for children and families this spring, April 20th-May 4th, 2024! I really hope to see you there. And I promise, I’ll be ready to party again.

If you’d like to party with us and find out more about Suncoast Remake Learning Days, click here.

Your friend,


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