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June 17, 2019

Old Family Welcomes the New

Having facilitated three different Mind in the Making sessions, it was a real privilege to work with a new facilitator and new group of people at Brentwood Elementary. Paul Bono, a teacher from Venice High School, and I had a fulfilling experience with varied professionals who came at Mind in the Making with a personal and professional lens. What a beautiful mix of people in our group; kindergarten teachers, parents, a social worker, a bilingual paraprofessional, a paraprofessional for intellectually disabled students, a teacher of intellectually disabled students, an art teacher, and a resource teacher. Not only did most of these individuals work with children, but they were also parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

One of the most profound lessons that resurfaced as a facilitator is the ease in which you can support the children in your life just by engaging with them—everyday things can support them in immeasurable ways. Asking kids questions and really listening and probing—causing children to think in new ways—is building their executive function skills. One of our participants made a meaningful connection to allowing our kids to make mistakes: Try not to get frustrated with the mess or upset that they don’t get it yet, but let them learn through experience and doing.

I believe Team Cosy will go out into the world looking through a new lens provided by Mind in the Making. Participants were reflective and immediately applied some of the skills learned. As they shared stories the following week about their efforts to implement these skills, we were all amazed at the shifts possible just by making a few adjustments with care.

I am grateful to have the opportunity through The Patterson Foundation to bring people together. The bond created between participants is memorable and palpable. Thank you.

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