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May 16, 2022

My Learning Days

Max Tovar, 4th grade

After going to about ten events from Suncoast Remake Learning Days I learned that these events can help me work and communicate better with other people. For example: I learned how to write and say my name in Chinese and I asked people how to say words in Chinese, the Chinese pronunciation came easy to me, and I feel open to learn more. In Mr. Stevey’s class I realized how many places I have family in, and where I have been by looking at world’s flags. At the art museum, I looked at art with a new perspective, since we saw sculptures that were made up of debris and unwanted possessions after a tornado. At Dreamer’s Academy, where I also met with friends, I picked up an instrument and tried to play it how I thought was correct, but a kind old man showed me the right way to play it.


I love how every event is more creative than the last. I think it is interesting how I am learning things that I didn’t know could benefit me. I feel like the more people there are the better. As I say, the more the merrier!

Max-at-Mr. Stevey


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