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April 9, 2020

Mind in the Making — Team Jubiloso

Editor’s Note: This workshop/photo was taken pre-COVID-19/ social distancing. Currently, SCGLR  is looking into safe alternatives and creative ways to continue the workshops during this unique time.

Recently, I presented a Mind in the Making workshop for parents and business owners at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light in Sarasota. It was a great experience and satisfying to see participants learning skills they can teach their children to help them achieve their goals. This group was also excited because the principles they learned can help in their business environment.

One of the participants mentioned that the workshop helped with projection and self-control. They realized that they must think, then act. It also provided tools for communication, which helped the group understand the importance of knowing what you want to convey before talking.

It was very interesting to see the excitement, the joy, the desire to learn, and examples of how they could put into practice what they learned. I recall one of the participants saying that all the essential life skills were necessary for everyday life and that they had to use them at every opportunity given.

The group learned about the importance of perspective-taking by placing themselves in someone else’s shoes. The most beautiful thing for me as a facilitator was that all the information they learned was shared in a dynamic and fun way. Every participant learned and became more mindful of their own behaviors.

At the end of the workshop, many expressed how this experience had changed their lives; their lives as parents would be different from this day forward.

Mind in the Making gave them the tools to help their children reach their greatest potential. It also gave them tools as business owners to change how they handle their business and project themselves to clients and potential clients.

It is exciting to see these parents ready and eager to help their children achieve their greatest potential and to improve as business owners.

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