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December 5, 2016

Making Connections and Sharing Life’s Journeys

Editor’s Note: In this series, Mind in the Making facilitators share their experiences guiding workshops for parents, educators, caregivers and healthcare professionals throughout the Suncoast. In May, The Patterson Foundation funded training for 31 people through the Mind in the Making Facilitator Institute, which breaks down executive functions into seven essential life skills that help children achieve their goals.

I began this journey in May at a Mind in the Making Community Facilitator Institute Workshop. Some of the Suncoast’s best educators, parents and professionals were in attendance. Erin Ramsey and her associate provided attendees with meaningful information and the opportunity to have deep discussions and share ideas.  Friendships were formed and the seven essential life skills were learned. At the end of the workshop I left with a new philosophy on life, knowing it would affect me and the way I teach. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but a life changing opportunity and experience.

Mind in the Making has made me realize the importance of having connections with family, co-workers, and community partners, especially in relation to the children I teach. The Seven Essential Life Skills that Ellen Galinsky discussed during this eight-week journey will have life changing results if applied.

I found myself sharing, laughing and crying through each of the seven essential life skills. Taking this class provided a wonderful opportunity to form new professional and social friendships in a relaxed learning environment.

The workshop I co-facilitated with Kelli Karen brought together seventeen diverse women at different stages in their lives. A bond was formed of stronger women ready to share with the community the lessons they had learned through the workshop.

I’m thankful that I listened to that little voice that told me “you can do this” and to The Patterson Foundation for providing everything we needed to be successful. As a wife, parent, friend and teacher, I highly recommend taking this workshop. Your life and mind will forever be changed!

The next Mind in the Making Community Facilitator Institute Workshop is scheduled for February 28th, March 1st, and March 2nd.  Contact for further details or to sign up.

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