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June 29, 2017

Learners to Earners

The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading attended a Learners to Earners educational summit in Orlando. The educational summit was hosted by the Florida Chamber Foundation focused on connecting Florida’s business community, workforce professionals, and education thought leaders with interactive discussions on how to connect today’s learners to tomorrow’s career opportunities. This is an important topic since we are faced with the question; will tomorrow’s workforce have the skills they need to fill the two million net new jobs that Florida will need to create by 2030?

To address this question, the two-day conference covered topics that helped attendees realize the impact that they had on education and how they would be affected by the education kids are receiving.

Some topics that were discussed are as follows:

  • The Importance of Early Learning — Cradle to Career
  • Afterschool & Summer Learning Works for Parents, Kids & the Economy
  • A Systems Approach for Afterschool Sustainability
  • T.E.M. Supports in Afterschool & Summer Learning
  • City Partnerships Allow for Expanded Learning Opportunities
  • The Future of Work – Career Readiness for Florida’s Jobs in 2030
  • Connecting Business & Research to Florida’s Future Economy
  • Securing Pathways for Florida’s Future Earners

The Florida Chamber Foundation strategically placed opportunities for discussions to take place about the above topics. While the room was full of bold questions, the real assimilating happened at the table top question sessions. The room was abuzz with conversations about how, as a whole, the community can work together to help children be prepared from cradle to career.

One way to get the conversations started in our communities is by sharing the Florida Chamber Foundation’s recent Florida Wins video that takes a closer look at where Florida is and, more importantly, where we need to be.


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