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March 7, 2018

Kindergarten Readiness Bags: A Real Joy

The Kindergarten Readiness Bag is a welcome addition to Kindergarten Roundups in Sarasota and Manatee Schools. For parents, getting ready for kindergarten is about information, filling out forms, and planning logistics. For kids, it’s one of their first BIG adventures and the Readiness Bag is probably the first tangible sign that they’re on their way.

It’s bright and filled with many goodies to excite and engage them; from flash cards to magnetic letters to the centerpiece of the bag – their very own book. Knowing the thrill they will get in receiving their bag made putting these materials together a real joy!

I think this vicarious thrill was what drove the 134+ volunteers who came together for the seemingly momentous task of building 3,400 Readiness Bags. Working together during a 4-day period, we unpacked, separated, sorted, counted, collated, stuffed, and repacked MOUNTAINS of colorful materials that would soon be in the hands of new students who are chomping at the bit, ready to learn.

Up until this year, these bags were distributed to only Title 1 elementary schools, but thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Sarasota Foundation, ALL incoming kindergarten students in Sarasota County will receive one. The Rotarians, who graciously donated their time, brought many new hands and a new energy to the production process. In addition to the Rotarians, there were librarians, teachers, retirees, students, Junior League members, CEO’s and so many others who care about children and our future – all coming together to make a difference in our community.

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