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December 5, 2017

Improving Myself as a Person Instead of Trying to Change My Children

Editor’s Note: Hanako Owen is a parent and a Mind in the Making facilitator.

My main motivation for wanting to be a part of this program is to become a better parent. When I first researched Mind in the Making, I was trying to find a balance between work life and home life. I also had doubts about whether I was doing enough with my children. After taking the workshop and learning about the 7 essential life skills, I am still faced with everyday parent-child struggles. However, I now know that I am improving as a person and as a parent, and I have more confidence in myself to guide my children to the right path.

At the beginning of this series, my wish was for my children to change their behavior and attitudes. I was hoping to learn skills to be able to make my children listen better and to stop sibling fights. Now that I have been through the classes, whenever I face challenges, I focus more on my attitude and my behavior. The life skills they teach apply to adults and children, and I’m happier trying to improve myself as a person instead of trying to change my children.

I just finished my first series of classes as a facilitator and loved learning the perspectives of the participants. The research I shared in the class was quite inspiring and full of great tips about how we can help children improve upon specific tasks. Somewhat unexpectedly, I found myself learning more.

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