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I’ve volunteered with the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading since it began in Sarasota. Starting out at information booths, helping out at events, and labeling thousands of books each year has been a blast. I believe that teaching a child to read is one of the greatest gifts you can give, and this is my small way to help our Sarasota students reach the 3rd-grade reading level. Meeting the other volunteers and working with the dedicated and wonderful staff is an extra bonus!
Susan Zimmerman, Community Volunteer, Sarasota
Volunteering for the Suncoast Campaign was great fun. Meeting new folks and contributing to our community makes me feel more connected. Giving back is essential if we want Manatee County to continue to thrive.
Helen Pasakarnis, Manatee County
I enjoy volunteering with SCGLR because the program is well-designed, comprehensive, data-driven, and successful. When we volunteer, they are always efficient and well-organized, so I never feel I’m wasting my time. They enthusiastically appreciate their volunteers, and importantly, we always have fun.
Nancy Larkin Reed, Retired Educator from Manatee County