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Young boy and his mother reading together on a park bench

Fight for Grade-Level Reading Podcast Episode 8: Joy Thomas Moore and ‘The Power of Presence’

Here in Sarasota, Florida, we’re lucky to have some powerful philanthropy at work on early-childhood outcomes. The Patterson Foundation, which supports this podcast and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s reporting on grade-level reading issues, is one of the primary supporters of the… Read More

The Fight for Grade-Level Reading Podcast Episode 3: Elisabeth Burak on Medicaid and CHIP

We talk to Elisabeth Burak, Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy’s Center for Children and Families, where she directs projects focused on young children’s development. Burak has more than 15 years of experience… Read More

The Fight for Grade-Level Reading Podcast Episode 1: Ron Fairchild of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

The first episode of The Fight for Grade-Level Reading features our interview with Ron Fairchild. He’s the director of the Support Center at the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, which is designed to highlight the most successful… Read More

Herald-Tribune Launches ‘The Fight for Grade-Level Reading’ Podcast

As part of its ongoing coverage of grade-level reading issues, the Herald-Tribune has launched a new podcast called The Fight for Grade-Level Reading. The focus on third-grade reading scores stems from a pivotal study by the Annie… Read More