Mind in the Making

Young boy and his mother reading together on a park bench

My Mind in the Making

On Saturday, April 7th, the harp music on the alarm clock sounded, much louder than I had anticipated. I lurched over, hand extended, and shut it off. I took a moment to calm down, and as I laid there, I… Read More

Opportunities for Growth

Editor’s Note: Each Mind in the Making workshop provides participants the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and practices, learn what researchers have discovered about how children learn best and discuss how to apply this research in their role… Read More

Oportunidades para el crecimiento

Nota del editor: Cada taller de La mente en formación brinda a los participantes la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre sus experiencias y costumbres, aprender lo que los investigadores han descubierto sobre cómo los niños aprenden mejor y hablar sobre cómo… Read More