Family Engagement

Young boy and his mother reading together on a park bench

On the Horizon

“Given the chance to learn, even children living in poverty can transform their lives.” – Linda Ferdinand, Director of Horizons Unlimited Christian Academy Much like the name implies, Horizons Unlimited Christian Academy has shown that when children,… Read More

My Mind in the Making

On Saturday, April 7th, the harp music on the alarm clock sounded, much louder than I had anticipated. I lurched over, hand extended, and shut it off. I took a moment to calm down, and as I laid there, I… Read More

Mi mente en formación

El sábado, 7 de abril, sonó la música del arpa en el despertador, mucho más fuerte de lo que había anticipado. Me tambaleé, extendí la mano y la apagué. Me tomé un momento para calmarme, y mientras estaba allí, dejé… Read More