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November 20, 2017

Can I Get a WOOP?! – Team Zest

Editor’s Note: Cindy M. McDowell is Director of Little Disciples Preschool in Sarasota, Fl, and a Mind in the Making facilitator.

I first heard of Mind in the Making through our local coalition. One of my staff attended and came back telling me how wonderful it was and that we should look into becoming trainers. Fast forward to both of us attending an exceptional 3-day training that included Ellen Galinsky and the entire practice being recorded for future use! Can I get a WOOP?!



I served as the assistant facilitator for our Mind in the Making workshops and loved seeing people as they enjoyed the activities and shared their WOOP’s. One of our attendees is a life coach, and as we ended our first session, she said how much she enjoyed our first meeting. She emphasized how wonderful this program is and how inspired she was to be part of this, further noting that she would send others to attend our future workshops.

As we ended our final session, all our attendees asked to share their email addresses with one another so that we could remain connected. For me, that one request sums up perfectly how I feel about this compelling series. I am already looking forward to our next workshops and all the new friends that will share in it together.

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