Young boy and his mother reading together on a park bench

The Fight for Grade-Level Reading Podcast Episode 1: Ron Fairchild of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

The first episode of The Fight for Grade-Level Reading features our interview with Ron Fairchild. He’s the director of the Support Center at the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, which is designed to highlight the most successful… Read More

Herald-Tribune Launches ‘The Fight for Grade-Level Reading’ Podcast

As part of its ongoing coverage of grade-level reading issues, the Herald-Tribune has launched a new podcast called The Fight for Grade-Level Reading. The focus on third-grade reading scores stems from a pivotal study by the Annie… Read More

The Council of Champions

The nationwide Grade-Level Reading Council of Champions honors exemplary volunteers, early-care and education providers, school and civic leaders, public officials, and others who communities nominate based on their alliance with—and support for—local and statewide efforts to support early literacy success. Read More

The Source of Power: Reflections on the 2018 Community Update Breakfast

Wow! Yes, yes, and more yes. The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s 2018 Community Update Breakfast provided many joyful, affirming, and inspiring moments. Flashes from the morning have been playing in my mind and many of… Read More