Program Providers

“Great Futures Academy was able to provide summer learning to 60 youth in North Sarasota. We are thrilled to announce that not one of the youth who participated slid over the summer, and 90 percent actually increased their reading levels.” - Bill Sadlo, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Sarasota

“The children had the opportunity to continue learning from an enriched curriculum that gave them more confidence in the English language, both verbally and written. Since the curriculum was so rich in literacy, we are sure their foundation for future learning is more secure!” - Lindsey Wilson, Wellspring Voluntary Prekindergarten and Bridges to Kindergarten Provider

“It was wonderful to see teachers, directors and ELC coaches coming together to recognize, develop and implement a plan for children to be socially and cognitively success for kindergarten. Seeing the children become more confident as teachers eagerly engaged them in learning activities made all the planning so worthwhile.” - Susan O’Carroll, Early Childhood Specialist, Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota County

“The Bridges to Kindergarten was a huge success in our school and we feel very privileged and honored to have been a part of it. The success of the program and the difference it made in the children’s life was very rewarding to see.” - Faith Nawara, Director, Kingdom Academy

“Working with the Bridges to Kindergarten program over the summer was such a rewarding experience. From developing a curriculum with my colleagues, to helping a child one-on-one in the classroom, the moments were amazing. The children were able to experience and grow so much in such a short time. The initial kindergarten scores were promising.” - Kathy Cestaro, Director, Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota County


“It was a beautiful experience. My daughter did not know much English when she started Bridges to Kindergarten, but the focus on reading helped increase her English skills tremendously.” - Parent of Bridges to Kindergarten student who went on to become Kindergarten Student of the Month at her elementary school

“As a result of my granddaughter’s attendance at a quality childcare facility offering a solid, structured program to build school readiness skills, she is exhibiting more initiative, is more resilient when faced with a difficult situation and has been truly changed by the Bridges to Kindergarten program and the connections with the teachers. She is now interested in books and reading and has even begun ‘playing’ school at home, a clear indication she has enjoyed her experience and has developed the social and academic skills needed to be successful as she makes the jump to kindergarten.” - Grandparent


“I felt privileged to be the teacher teaching these students. I saw light bulbs being turned on throughout the entire session. This group of students will be successful – they believe in themselves, and they can do it.” - Barbara Rackley, Teacher, Kingdom Academy